The Molin Family Sings at the Trail of Lights

I was especially thrilled and proud to sing at UT Night at the Trail of Lights this year because for the first time Maile AND Anais both joined me singing on stage. We sang, walked the trail, sat with Santa and rode the Ferris wheel. Lots of love and lights. Special thanks to stage manager Breck for snapping some photos of us onstage.


Lunchtime Concert at UT, Fri. Nov. 3, 2017

Ralph and I played our first lunchtime concert at UT since Feb. 2016 so it felt good to get back out there on the shady banks of Waller Creek and rock out. Here’s a version of Cat Stevens’s If You Wanna Sing Out, Sing Out and a picture of us under the big tree (thanks to Diana Sanchez).

Ralph and J lunchtime concert

I asked Anais to take some photos, which she did, from the creek in which she was playing the whole time. So here is her documentation of the gig:

lunchtime concert by Anais 11-3-2017

What Is Poetry?

When things add up and you notice
A bit of beauty, irony, meaning emerge
That’s poetry
When a sequence or juxtaposition occurs
And something leaps off the page of life
And things dance that usually just stand
That’s poetry
Like this morning when I stood naked
Holding my underwear before me
Attempting to thread a foot through
I had to heel-toe-heel-toe over not to fall
And then, to complete the pattern
I did it again on the other foot
To make my imbalance into a dance
And I smiled. Poetry is usually personal
And private
Doing a little naked dance to catch yourself
From falling and having a little fun too
That’s poetry

Moira’s Audition

Maile has been watching a new series called Schitt’s Creek starring Eugene Levy and Catherine O’Hara and we’ve been obsessed with this scene. Moira is trying out for the Jazzagals and I think she nails it.

There are so many funny nuances to her impromptu performance. My favorite is the song itself – stuck in my head for days – with its perfectly enigmatic, absurd opening line featuring the word Log. Makes me laugh, every time.

There are only a few lines before she’s incoherent, lost in loony scatting. And the whole thing is done with such false-modesty and confidence.

Someone held me on that log, it should have been you
Someone’s arms were big and strooong, it should have been you
I warned you I was lonely, but you didn’t seem to care
no, no, no, [starts scatting]… a woman’s tears… [scat solo]
Someone left me on that log, it should have been you

What is it that is so tender and hilarious about bad singing done with utter conviction?! When it’s not intended as comedy, which is most of the time, we have to not laugh. But here we have full permission and it’s a gloriously guilty pleasure.

It’s also such a pleasure to see Catherine O’Hara doing her amateur auditions again because we are already such fans of Waiting for Guffman, and this audition scene in particular from 20 years ago.

The Rainbow Show

Taos rainbow

When a rainbow appeared
touching down across the brushy hills
at the foot of the mountain facing
we stopped cleaning up after dinner
pulled our chairs together on the porch
and sat for the rainbow show
as the misty air blew through
and the low light lit the yellow hills
with long shadows like warm morning light.
The rainbow faded as the magpies gathered
just over the hill, no longer bright
as everything began to slip into its dusky attire
shadows vanished and where the rainbow was
no rainbow, the prismatic air invisible again
and through it all a nearby cricket played its violin legs
steadily with only brief pauses till the concert ended
leaving only a chatter of chirping
and the creaking of the kettle beginning to boil.
The magic hour over
dogs barked across the hills
and silence rose where the wind was.

Taos, NM
July 18, 2017

Kirby Jenner, Photobomb Master

KribyKirby Jenner makes me laugh really hard. The longer I look the harder I laugh. That’s enough. That mustache, that face, that body… so well played and seamlessly Photoshopped in.

There’s also a great gorilla satire to the hilariously eager and congenitally uncool character he inserts into the life of Kendall Jenner, professional princess reality star. Kirby is Kendall’s fictional twin we never knew she needed until now.

Kirby makes fun of Kardashian culture by impersonating it, inserting his parody persona in the form of a devoted fraternal-twin brother, tagging along on her photo shoots and photobombing her grandiose selfies with his goofy enthusiasm.

Kirby turns Kendall’s epic self-absorption…

Kendall Jenner

… into a grand farce:

Kirby Jennar Napoleon

He’s usually too enthusiastically enjoying the situation, making an awkward goofy face, sometimes moping or somehow getting it wrong, and often eating a Subway sandwich. He makes Kendall the boring background she is.

He’s frequently in his underwear, like Kendall, exposing all sorts of gendered double-standards with how differently it reads. He’s trying to be like Kendall but it never works, always to comic effect. He just wants her to acknowledge he’s there!

And that’s just the photos. His captions and hashtags add another level of endearingly dumb bragging:

kirbyjenner SO EMBARRASSING… totally thought Kendall said we were going to “mime camp” but I guess she said “voter registration rally.” Lol All good I had fun anyway tho. Ended up using the art of miming to help 20 youngsters register to vote AND taught them about the three branches of government 🙂 #ClassyMime #AlsoMimedAVotingBooth #GotStuckInTheInvisibleVotingBooth #yolo

Thank you, Kirby, for making me laugh so much.

Dylan Singalong at Little Stacy Park

We gathered in the pavilion at Little Stacy Park on the first Sunday of June – 6/4/2017 – and had a great time singing Dylan songs. Here are a setlist, video and a few photos, below. The video features our versions of All Along The Watchtower, Subterranean Homesick Blues, and Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door.

  1. Like a Rolling Stone
  2. Blowin In The Wind
  3. The Time They Are A’Changin
  4. Mr. Tamborine Man
  5. Tangled Up In Blue
  6. All Along The Watchtower
  7. I Shall Be Released
  8. Forever Young
  9. Every Grain of Sand
  10. You Ain’t Goin’ Nowhere
  11. Don’t Think Twice It’s Alright
  12. Subterranean Homesick Blues
  13. Knockin On Heaven’s Door

Dylan Singalong by Loriene

Dog's eye view of the Dylan Singalong

Dylan Singalong promo


Joe’s Good Time Dance Band

One of the wonderful things about the family I married into is the music. Maile’s dad Joe put himself through college playing in a band (that his dad managed) and has been a lifelong guitar player with a band on the side. My kinda guy. (On my first date with Maile she told me that as a little girl she used to fall asleep in the fuzzy lining of her dad’s guitar case. I remember thinking, “This girl is for me!”)

I had heard about the Good Time Dance Band from their time in Hawaii.  Now Joe has shared with us some old converted VHS video from a gig that the drummer, Jim Coulter, posted on his site. Joe sings his first song at about 6 mins. See his description below.

Joe’s history of the band:

The Good Time Dance Band formed in the late 70s in upcountry Maui, Hawaii. Their popularity was due to the fact that they played Classic Rock, Country Rock, Country Smooth Jazz and popular Hawaiian music. They were very eclectic in their repertoire and as a result they were very popular on the hotel circuit and played frequently around the island.

The main band members consisted of Joe Broccoli, vocals and guitar, Jim Elliott, bass, harmonica and vocals, and Jim Coulter, drums and vocals. In later years they added Larry Givens, guitar and vocals, and John Neff, piano, bass and guitar. This video features Broccoli, Elliott, Coulter and Givens playing at the Maui County Fair in the early 1980’s.