FOK DUB: Folk songs with pinch of soul and a hint of dub. Reggae grooves written relaxing by the water on on a sunny day.

This project got Kickstarted 10.14.10, and the record will be released the week of Thanksgiving, 11.27.11. Special thanks to all those who have supported me through Kickstarter.

Thomas recorded Gray and Lindsay, drums and bass, at Tonehaus, Austin, TX, Sept. 5 2011, my 38th birthday. A month later Oliver and I returned and they recorded the horns. I tracked and produced the rest at Sunset Ln with the fantastic players listed below. Check out their stuff!  Big thanks to Dr. Ivan Mordo, who mixed and mastered the tracks from Florida.

The band: Gray Parsons – Drums, Lindsay Greene – Bass, Chris Vestre – Guitar, Derek Morris – Keys, Thomas van der Brook – Sax, Oliver Steck – Trumpet, Timmy Campbell – Percussion, Karla Manzur van der Brook – Vocals, Sara Hickman – Vocals, Maile Broccoli-Hickey – Vocals

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2 thoughts on “FOK DUB”

  1. I love the electric guitar sound on these– especially on Saturday Morn. There’s a total Tom Ze vibe to it. Loose! The horns are really shocking (in a good way) on God Has Been Good to Me and sorta stopped my heart for a minute. I love how it’s a little weird, and those keys at the end are killer. Maybe I’ve said this before, but the lyrics to this song are always in my head. Especially the “how you gonna swim to the other side” part. Nice to hear Lub Dub again too– its like 50x trippier now. Funny that what stared as an ambient track is now kind of a stand-out. I hope you play that in its entirety at every show. And holy shit Lake Rules. You really sell the Bee Gees part. This is an amazing piece of work! It’s been so fun seeing these songs grow and change over the years, and I’m really blown away by how many little surprising moments they still pull off even though I know them so well. You’ve done exactly what you set out to do and more. Now I’m happier than ever that I signed up for the Kickstarter package that includes the gatefold double vinyl release of this.

  2. Brother J–still listening to Fok Dub almost non-stop as I drive around. So much to enjoy that I can’t possibly list all the good things here. I love the sound most of all, but am also quite taken by the lyrics. I love it when you do things like list by name your friends and family or base an entire song around a countdown of numbers. That’s just very cool and different, I think. -Pete

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