I help people use the web to connect with their people.

McCombs School of Business

I build newsletters, blogs, sites, e-magazines, and social network profiles that are delivered to or visited by tens of thousands of community members monthly. I train and support about three dozen staff members to deliver multimedia content and monitor engagement. I provide list management, sending and tracking tools, and segmented analytics reports to measure, test, analyze, and improve online strategies. Coordinating internally with IT and externally with developers and designers, I manage two Drupal and two dozen WordPress sites along with dozens of Facebook pages, Twitter accounts, LinkedIn groups, and other social networks. I drive the innovative integration of new tools by communications and marketing professionals and staff.


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Since my wife founded this nonprofit six years ago, I have served as web master, technology advisor, and brand consultant. I named and branded the organization, conducted interviews with clients and stakeholders, and currently chair the communications committee. From running an online auction to administrating their Facebook page, I am committed to making sure they are using the latest tools in the most effective ways.

Jason Molin

jI’ve been blogging since 2005 as a musician and web professional. I’m an early adopter and rabid user of web tools and social media. I follow the latest web developments, particularly where marketing, music and social media intersect.

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