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Tim Althauser

I’ve been looking for nature motifs for music poster ideas recently, particularly photos of the sky through the trees. In Santa Fe I shot dozens of what I call looking up at trees. So you can imagine how excited I was when I found Tim Althauser’s paintings of looking up at trees at the William and Joseph Gallery.

Apparently he is in his 70s, has suffered a stoke and applies painstaking detail despite a limited range of movement. I love these.

Tim AlthauserTim AlthauserUntitled

Mark Horst

When I saw Mark Horst’s style, it reminded me of what I like about Mark Tansey and the fellow whose painting – Chesapeake Birdwatchers – hangs in our room. Figures in the foreground, abstract, minimal background.

From talking with the gallery owner I learned he is a divinity and fine arts grad from Yale who went the art route. Apparently, he changes up his style for each series. This one is from a trip to Injambakkam, India. It looks like he works from photographs.


 Various Artists

Here are a few other artist’s work I liked, snapped a pic of around town.


Untitled Untitled

Untitled UntitledUntitled UntitledUntitledUntitledUntitled


Art Outside

October 27, 2014
Maile and J at Art Outside

I thoroughly enjoyed my first Art Outside (their 10th). Here are few of my favorite pics. See the whole Flickr set for more.  

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I Am From

October 14, 2014

A friend from high-school posted a poem by her 9-yr-old daughter Vivian on Facebook last week. I printed it and brought it home to read to the family and nearly teared-up each time I read it, I thought it was so beautifully done. What a wonderful portrait of childhood. Very Whitmanian, if you ask me. […]

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LOVE by John Lennon (For Gray and Lauren)

September 26, 2014

Gray and Lauren got married a few weeks ago, so I worked up this old favorite to perform at the wedding. How much more simple, beautiful and true can a song get?! Love is real, real is love Love is feeling, feeling love Love is wanting to be loved Love is touch, touch is love Love […]

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1953 Colombia Sports III

July 21, 2014

I’m a bicycle nut. So when I picked up a sweet old vintage bike at a yard sale this weekend for $40 I had the double-delight of finding a precious ol’ pedal for a pittance. I love classic old 3-speeds like this. And it didn’t take much to get it going. Pumped up the tires […]

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June 19, 2014

I have become a compulsive WTF listener. WTF is Marc Maron’s podcast. He started it in his late forties, does it primarily from his L.A. garage twice a week, and just passed his 500th episode a few weeks ago at 50. The format is a 10-15 min intro of his obsessive schtick (with commercials that he does for […]

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Cupid Blowing Kiss To Trees

April 10, 2014

Thanks to Ron (of The Ron Museum) I’ve had an art-collector eye out for cheap art that makes me happy. Last night I found this on eBay and got it for $30, shipped from CA for $36. After a little sleuthing this morning, Ron helped me figure out that it is probably a souvenir painting from […]

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Los Monster

April 9, 2014

Our good friend Carlos “Los Monster” Lopez passed away recently, suddenly, unexpectedly at 43. Too soon, too young. Los backed me up many times over the last 15 years on kit and conga not to mention made me laugh hundreds of times hanging after the gig. And I’m just one of many musicians in our […]

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Neil Young and Pono Music

March 13, 2014

UPDATE: After reading a bit more about the science behind what Pono proposes – see Why Neil Young’s New Pono Music Player Doesn’t Make Any Sense – I’ve cancelled my pledge to the Kickstarter project. This raises lots of questions about what all those stars in the video were hearing, why they testified, and their motivations for […]

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