The Lodge On Regulus at the Whip In

My buddy Gray’s band, The Lodge On Regulus, played a few blocks from my place at the Whip In tonight and it was made a great scene by the cool vibes (Gray Parsons) and sax (Thomas van der Brook), drums (Donny Wynn) and bass (Tom Benton). I caught some nice audio on my recorder. Jody went with me, Derek met us there. This is why I moved to Austin.



Briggsie, Briggsie

Here is a sketch and song for Brigham, the 1.5 yr old grandson of my cousin Carolyn.



Brigham, Brigham, doin little num nums
Sweet little tum tum fingers and toes
Brigham Brigham, grippin with your thumb thumb
Cute patuti bum bum we love so

Briggsie, Briggsie, eat you like a figsie
You mommy and you daddy love you so bigsie
Briggsie Briggsie, you squeaky little pigsie
You’re jiggin we’re a diggin, oh we’re wiggin out

Briggles, Briggles, tickles and a wiggles
Blowin on your belly and kissin your hair
Wriggles and jiggles, give anything for giggles
Your laughter is a heaven and your breath is a prayer

Mommy and Daddy, Jaylyn and Teddy,
Love you so steady, simple and pure
Love you, love you, never enough of you
Sleep my little fiddle we’ll awaken to more