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Ralph and I work together at UT. I’m a web guy, he’s an IT guy. We both love music and play guitar. So we teamed up last week to put on a little peace concert in a sweet corner of campus as part of the Hearts of Texas Charitable Campaign. This was a fun gig for me because I had Ralph backing me up, and because it was the first time I used my new portable, battery powered pedalboard and vocal amp.

Now I can sing my softer, sweeter songs and still be heard outside. Now I can layer loops and delays. And I can do it in the most scenic, remote locations, because it can all be battery powered.

Here are three tunes from the beautiful concert on Waller Creek last Friday. Thanks to everyone who came out and for the perfect weather.

This first video is of Ralph playing over a loop I laid down before the concert while Earl took pictures and I finished setting up. This is one of the things I’ve been wanting to do, be able create this rich soupy ambient background music outside, for sweet spaces like this one. I love how the loop and Ralph’s improv get mixed with talk, trucks, beeps, birds and other background noises.

The first song we played was an old one of mine that I love but rarely play, The Train Into The City. Again, this fingerpicked song is too quiet to be easily heard outside without the amp.

Here is one of the covers we played, Van Dieman’s Land, the only U2 song I know of by The Edge.


Sundaysong Singalong Goes To The Park

October 5, 2014

This morning’s singalong was a great official public debut – at Little Stacy Park, 11am-12pm – and the weather was ideal. So was the crowd of 20 or so friends and a strangers who sat on the stage or laid and played on the grass. My old-school transparency projector did the job and we almost made […]

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September News

September 29, 2014

I love new years, and better than a new calendar year is a new birthday year. So after turning 42 earlier this month and feeling like it had brought many answers, I set out again to refine my sound and vision for Fall’s shows. This meant getting some new (battery-powered) gear that will allow me to bring some […]

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Jenn’s Best Shots

March 3, 2013

My superfriend Jenn took some great shots of me down by Waller Creek on the UT campus a few weeks ago. Here are my favorite of her favorites.

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September 1, 2012

The FOK DUB Tees arrived Wed. I biked home to find Maile and Anais on the front step wearing theirs. Here’s Maile posing in the women’s purple swoop neck. Here I am wearing the men’s army green.

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FOK DUB Reviewed in The Music Initiative

April 5, 2012

I’m thrilled to find my first review of FOK DUB in April’s edition of The Music Initiative. And that the reviewer got the beach feel is great validation that it’s coming across the way I’d hoped. There are a few good quotes to pull out. Jason Molin delivers a chill album perfect for a day […]

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More Custom Covers

November 22, 2011

Check out all the rad covers Chrysy made! Hers are the spray-paint, mine are the sharpie. And checkout the animated gif that P made!

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Custom Designed Cases Ship

November 19, 2011

Disks being mailed out now y’all!!! Each one custom designed.

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The Real Cost of Direct To Fan

September 28, 2011

Midem posted a concise summary of the direct to fan model. And I like the SlideShare format for sharability (for what would typically be a pdf or doc), though they could have broken up the text a bit and not made the font so small. Best viewed fullscreen. The Real Cost of Direct To Fan […]

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