English at Work Dialogues

Here are some simple dialogues of some basic ESL curriculum Maile designed for her classes. They are the result of the first audio challenge aimed at producing audio examples of some basic interactions in English.

This is of my parents, Al and Barbara:
This one is of me and my wife Maile:

Jono's Shoes

Jono came over this evening and we stayed up till the wee hours playing songs and discussing what we believed. This is what I came up with in contrast to his Christian creed:

What I feel is right, what I know is wrong. Arte es vida, amor es dios.

El Doodle Yanqui

I woke up on Xmas morning not to snow, but freezing rain. As the resident fire-builder, I immediately feared we would have no dry wood for a fire, grabbed the closest hat and coat, and went out to bring in the dry stuff at the bottom of the stack. Mom laughed and took my picture, saying I looked like an Hispanic Yankee Doodle.