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I’m very pleased that my cousin Matt and I were able to get a nice website for him started during his three day visit to Austin. He’s a fantastic artist and now he’s got a place to showcase his work online. His pseudonym is Faullyn Skautch. Check out FaullynSkautch.com.

Matt's alter-ego, Faullyn



The SXSWi themes this year were mobile and games. The keynote by the SCVNGR kid got me dreaming of how I might use a location based service to augment gigs, possibly in remote settings. My mind has been reeling with ideas for mobile apps and ways to use location to enhance, reward, share, and show what I’m doing musically.

How can I use location based mobile enhancement when I'm playing by a creek?

So I was thrilled to find this panel today, Rockin’ the Check-in: Location Strategies for Musicians, where the Gowalla music dude (@jimcaroll) testified to what a huge, wide open potential there is for collaboration. Here are my notes and some clues for where to begin.

  • develop a custom badge
  • give fans status/rewards for check-ins and more check-ins
  • musicians, indie artists aren’t using LBS, huge potential
  • a few have: Josh Grobin, Weezer, Jimmy Eat World, Better Than Ezra, Old 97’s
  • integrate with Soundcloud and Hipdigital
  • Weezer offered a download for checkin at concert, best price on album, millions of views, chance to win trip to concert
  • OYA – Norwegian Festival that utilized completely (700+)
  • The National offered an album for a checkin at a record store
  • make a map of artist’s favorite places (to play, to see music, to eat, etc.)
  • create an experience (the digital natives expect it)
  • develop using the API, lots of potential for combining available data in cool new ways
  • the MP3 is dead, long live the API!
  • links available at http://www.delicious.com/clroyal/rockcheck
Gowalla Mural

I need to put some natural settings on Austin's music map. What better way than Austin's own Gowalla?


This post is from my phone. I just installed WordPress for Android and am feeling my paradigm shifting as it is now much easier for me to take pics of my baby girl and post from my phone than taking having to upload to computer>Flickr/Vimeo>blog.

Now, when Maile snaps a pic os Anais and IMs it to me, I can phone it up to the blog. That makes daily pics and post possible and that’s a big shift.



Here are two sites full of WordPress resources.

And a few Essential Plugins Lists.

Here are most of the plugins from the above lists, with the ones that are listed by each at the top, along with how many times they are listed.

I started out just trying to figure out the best Analytics plugin and am left trying to decide between one of these.

At the end of the day, there are still a lot of resources out there I couldn’t get to but would like to at some point.

Google XML Sitemap generator
WP Database Backup
Contact Form 7
Feedburner FeedSmith
All in One SEO Pack
Google Analytics for WordPress
Share This
WP Related posts
No Self Pings
WP Super Cache
Subscribe to Comments
WP Contact form
Simple Tags
Broken Link Checker
StatPress Reloaded
Antivirus for WordPress
WP Popular Posts
Yet Another Related Posts Plugin
Add to Any
Custom More Links
Category Specific RSS Menu
WordPress eMember
Executable PHP Widget
WP Newsletter Subscription
WP Smush.it
Different Posts Per Page
Search Unleashed
WP Security Scan
WP AJAX Edit Comments
Full Text Feed
Cleaner Gallery
Search and Replace
WP.com Stats


I discovered Bandcamp lastnight and am amazed at how well they’ve nailed the essentials of the interface design for an artist’s music site. I’m uploading my stuff there now. Here’s one of their little players that’s embeddable.