Hugh MacLeod

I saw Hugh MacLeod at a SXSW Interactive panel. He said “Nobody fucking cares about your fucking art.”


you’ve got to:
– have killer work ethic
– get up early
– start a newsletter
– love your customers
– work like hell
– marketing is practice
– negotiation/selling is practice

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My Own Personal Mt. Everest

January 31, 2010

Hugh MacLeod says “Everybody has their own private Mount Everest they were put on this earth to climb.” and I know what he’s talking about. For about two decades now I’ve know that my greatest contributions to this world, apart from my personal love and service to those around me, would be my songs. And […]

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"Ignore Everybody" (except Hugh MacLeod)

January 9, 2010

Hugh MacLeod’s book on being creative and successful is full of frank advice. He never mentions a family but it feels like, having run the marathon of 26 years or so of adulthood trying to make it, and having made it, Hugh is scratching his fatherly itch to pass on what he’s learned. He’s a […]

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