J on KOOP Again!

Lee, Hosting KOOP's "Writing On The Air"I was asked back to be a guest on “Writing on the Air,” usually hosted by Dillon and Lee. But now I’ve been on the show once with Dillon hosting, and once with Lee hosting.

Lee and I got on swimmingly and ended up having a great drink afterward too. God bless local radio. Support KOOP.

Here’s the audio from the show with “I Can See You” (the song I’m recording for FOK DUB this week) and a few others pulled out below.

j on KOOP w/Lee.mp3
I Can See You.mp3
[audio:http://jasonmolin.net/audio/2009/3/I Can See You-KOOP-w-lee.mp3]
Un Momento Perfecto.mp3
Sat Morn.mp3
J on KOOP's "Writing On The Air"