Maile’s connection to Echoing Green meant I got to play a song for a bunch of social entrepreneurs at their Be Bold Summit in Austin last month. This song seemed like the perfect message for non-profit world changers.


Here is Family Time Rocks!, my kid’s band with Sara Hickman and Gray Parsons. I took all the pictures I’m not in.


Me and the FOK dUb All stars played Jovita’s last Friday. Here are a few clips of the righteous horns and some pics of the celebrants.




Jovita's 10/27/10

Jovita's 10/27/10

Jovita's 10/27/10

Jovita's 10/27/10


I got a new Canon G11. I’m so excited, it’s the nicest digital camera I’ve ever had. Here are some of my favorite shots from the first few days.

Anais And Maile

Anais On Daddy

Family Time Rocks Gigs: Manchaca Library and an HEB opening in Dripping Springs
Family Time Rocks! Manchaca Library

Family Time Rocks! Manchaca Library

Family Time Rocks HEB Opening

Family Time Rocks HEB Opening

Driving Round With Gray
Driving In Gray's VW Van

Driving In Gray's VW Van

Driving In Gray's VW Van

Driving In Gray's VW Van


This was a magical gig. We played a lunchtime gig in a gorgeous, secluded little amphitheater on UT’s campus, tucked away behind the Texas-Exes building, on Waller Creek. Big thanks to the Exes for use of the theatre and parking.

The sun came out after a gray morning. A great group of players assembled: Chris Vestre on guitar, Gray Parsons on drums, Oliver Steck on trumpet, Thomas VanDerBrook on Sax, LIndsay Green on bass, and Derek Morris on keys. We jammed a set of beach songs that we’ll soon record as Fok Dub.

A senior group, who I had given presentations to (about social media and Facebook) were having a luncheon just inside and filled the terrace for cocktails, blew bubbles and cheered me on.

When I watch the Flip cam I set up to record us, I see that the battery started to wear down at the end, just as we start our dub instrumental, so that it starts randomly dropping frames and creating this super cool, perfectly appropriate strobe effect. It’s pretty trippy in full-screen mode.

Concert By Waller Creek

KLRU’s bonita Sarita brought her camera to film (above) and Austin made it (from an interview) in time to capture the scene (below). Thanks to both.

Austin Kleon drawing Jason Molin's concert by Waller creek

Austin Kleon's drawing of Jason Molin and the boys

Sara Robertson's Photos

Great, wonderful gig. Thanks to all who helped put it on, came out, contributed, captured and enjoyed. There are more photos at flickr.

We played some instrumental exit music for our closing number. The video camera was dying so it started skipping frames (about a min in) which created the coolest video effect I never meant to do!

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FTR! Video Shoot At Flipnotics – take 1.mp3

FTR! Video Shoot At Flipnotics – take 2.mp3


Family Time Rocks! The Nutty Brown Cafe

Family Time Rocks! The Nutty Brown Cafe - Sara Hickman, Jason Molin, Gray Parsons

We had a fabulous first Family Time Rocks! show this evening at the Nutty Brown Cafe…made up lots of songs like this one for Hayden, a young fellow who told us that the rain had stopped and we could continue to play. Sara sang this song for him.

Hayden by Family Time Rocks!

Sara singing “I Wish I Were A Princess” outside, kids night at the Nutty Brown Cafe.


j at lamberts

Fun set at a jumpin’ Lambert’s last Friday night. Here are two songs from the board mix that came out pretty well (and I don’t play live often). Derek Morris on keys.

Be My TV

Circus Tent


  1. God Has Been Good To Me
  2. All The Above
  3. Room 304
  4. For Your Lover
  5. Jesus (would slap the shit out of you)
  6. Be My TV
  7. Circus Tent
  8. Sleep
  9. Un Momento Perfecto
  10. 10. Walkin’ With You

j and derek at lamberts

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I’m playing solo for 30-40mins at 10PM this Friday June 5th at Lambert’s, which is downtown at 2nd and Guadalupe (Google map). Following me are two wonderful bands, Slowtrain and The Unfortunate Heads. I’ve been wanting to play on the great sound system (and sheik interior) at Lambert’s for a while and this is a great bill. Come on out!


What a wonderful set and setting playing for my work and school friends on a lovely Spring day, today at lunch. I love how the birds sang along!


concert-by-waller-creek.mp3 (30mb) – 32:10

  1. God Has Been Good To Me
  2. Buncha Photos
  3. All The Above
  4. Sleep
  5. For Your Lover
  6. Sat Morn
  7. ‘Til Monday
  8. I’m A Hillbilly
  9. I Can See You
  10. Sunday Morn
  11. Un Momento Perfecto



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