jcast6: I Can See You

bh.jpgI wrote the chorus, “I Can See You,” as Maile (left) played on the beach at So. Padre Island a few years ago, and we’ve been singing the simple, catchy chorus since. Now, at her request, I’ve finished the song for Valentine’s dayFor this week’s cover, I picked a song Maile sings with me and recorded her harmonies. Doesn’t she have a great voice!

I posted a few different versions of this week’s songs over at everydayj.com, my personal blog.


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4 thoughts on “jcast6: I Can See You”

  1. Each of these songs puts me in a different kind of good mood, for different reasons. I’m a big fan. It’s great to hear Maile, too.

  2. Hey,
    Great songs guys. It’s fun to hear you sing a song about Maile. So romantic! Come to Hawaii and write a song here!!!!

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