jcast9: Ignited! pt. 2

Here are the three more songs I did for Ignite!

First is an R&B plea to fight global warming called Turn Down the Heat featuring the guitar stylings of Jelly D. Ignite made flash videos of all the songs to be incorporated into their curriculum. Check out their video for Turn Down the Heat below in which I play a gap-toothed earth fronting “The Carbon Busters”.

Next you’ll hear a folk reggae club number about the Family Tree. An uplifting tribute to the number Pi concludes this evening’s presentation.



jcast7: Awaken Now Kristin

Kristen Cunningham A friend named Kristin died of Leukemia recently; she was 29. I wrote “Awaken Now Kristin,” to make sense of it. Then I found Nate’s song, “Simple Pain,” as a perfect companion piece.

Just now, putting this together, looking for a picture of Kristin, I found her exuberant Website kristinplayshorn.com. What life!


jcast6: I Can See You

bh.jpgI wrote the chorus, “I Can See You,” as Maile (left) played on the beach at So. Padre Island a few years ago, and we’ve been singing the simple, catchy chorus since. Now, at her request, I’ve finished the song for Valentine’s dayFor this week’s cover, I picked a song Maile sings with me and recorded her harmonies. Doesn’t she have a great voice!

I posted a few different versions of this week’s songs over at everydayj.com, my personal blog.