jcast9: Ignited! pt. 2

Here are the three more songs I did for Ignite!

First is an R&B plea to fight global warming called Turn Down the Heat featuring the guitar stylings of Jelly D. Ignite made flash videos of all the songs to be incorporated into their curriculum. Check out their video for Turn Down the Heat below in which I play a gap-toothed earth fronting “The Carbon Busters”.

Next you’ll hear a folk reggae club number about the Family Tree. An uplifting tribute to the number Pi concludes this evening’s presentation.



jcast6: I Can See You

bh.jpgI wrote the chorus, “I Can See You,” as Maile (left) played on the beach at So. Padre Island a few years ago, and we’ve been singing the simple, catchy chorus since. Now, at her request, I’ve finished the song for Valentine’s dayFor this week’s cover, I picked a song Maile sings with me and recorded her harmonies. Doesn’t she have a great voice!

I posted a few different versions of this week’s songs over at everydayj.com, my personal blog.


jcast5: Virtual Jazz Collaboration

bh.jpgLibby asked for a version of “What The Day Had To Say” so I recorded it for this week’s jcast. I’ve been looking to do some remote, digital collaboration with folks all around the world, so I asked Doug (in NM) if he’d like to try out his new kit, lay down a bass line, and a guitar solo, and he graciously grooved.

The catalyst for this was helping Derek setup a method of virtual collaboration with his band mates in Alpha Rev. So, though he’s less than a mile away here in Austin, we did it all digital, on our own schedules. Virtual alleluia!


I’m posting version 5.1 with a re-mix of “What The Day Had To Say,” to get the stereo sound coming through. Many thanks to Alex and Radiohead for the nice segue music. This week’s cover is both written and made famous by the lady in the picture.

I posted a few different versions of this weeks songs over at everydayj.com, my personal blog.

jcast4: 'Til Monday



Matt TurnerKatelin TiptonJason Molin
Matt, Katelin, and myself — our work photos

I miss writing songs with the kids I taught guitar, so I’ve revived my collaborative technique writing songs with my officemates Matt and Katelin. We wrote the first song featured this week by taking turns writing a line and forwarding it. I put a title and a tune on it and here you have, “‘Til Monday,” recorded on my porch.

The second song is a fantastic live version of Jono’s song “God Has Been Good To Me,” from Beerland in Austin, featuring Chris Vestre on guitar, Alex Sarabia on bass, Derek Morris on keys, Stephen Bress on drums, Karla Manzur on backing vocals, and special guest Oliver Steck on trumpet.