Technology, The Seventh Kingdom?

Technology is anything invented after you were born. Technology is anything that doesn’t work yet. I love these two half-comic definitions quoted by Kevin Kelly in this TED talk.

Paraphrasing Kelly: The real tricks are exploring the exploration. Technology is about better ways to evolve. The infinite game. A cosmic force begun at the big bang. It’s the expansion of options, possibilities, differences, freedoms. Technology wants a trillion zillion species individuals discovering differences. It’s a way of playing the game by playing all the games.

Every person here has an assignment. Your assignment is to spend your life discovering what your assignment is. That recursive nature is the infinite game. If you play that well, you’ll have other people involved so that that game extends and continues even when you’re gone.

That is the infinite game, and what technology is, is that medium in which we play that infinite game. And so I think we should embrace technology because it is an essential part of finding out who we are.

I love it. What a freeing view of technology. An assignment to discover.

Focus On The Work, Not The Tools

wired guyI’ve been fretting about which tool to use. Which private wiki? Which CRM for my contact lists? I haven’t been writing and staying connected. It’s such a small, almost unconscious distraction that lead me away from making art and spreading it to getting lost in the details.

The answer staring me in the face is to use the nearest easiest tools right around me. My blog to keep my daily tally. Google and Facebook to keep my contacts.

It’s all about focus. What are you focusing on? I’m focusing on producing songs, crafting my catalog. I’m focused on sharing that art. I’m not going to focus on which tool to use instead of using the ones I’ve got.


Almost a year ago I kicked off FOK DUB. Then I met Sara, we formed Newspaper and Trumpet and Family Time Rocks!

Then in Nov I had a beautiful baby girl named Anais Sky and in all of this, FOK DUB dun got forgot. But as I look forward to 2010, it’s FOK DUB that makes me happy… using the Web to get it out, using social media creatively, bringing my secret stages and dream gigs online, and climbing my own personal Mt. Everest.

The tension is in time, the calendar. Family first. Maile and Anais are 1 and 2, but 3 is me and in the few hours left in the week there isn’t room for lots of big plans. What big plans is there room for? Continue reading “Back To FOK DUB”

Start The (Word) Presses

I’m thrilled to be teaching a Webinar, with Tracy Mueller, about how we put together an online magazine. (And viola! I’m a higher ed expert.)

The Webinar consists of two pieces: An hour live with Tracy leading with a managing editor’s perspective, and an hour of pre-recorded tutorial with me going through the technical steps.

I’ll post any additional resources here. Please ask any questions in the comments and I’ll respond below.

New Year's Resolutions 2010

  • 15 mins yoga and meditation in the morning, 15 minutes at night
  • drink more water and less alcohol
  • pull all my kids songs together into an album, Beginner’s Mind
  • chip away at FOK DUB
  • write book, use Web clients to refine book
  • be more present with people, focussed with tasks
  • rely on my system to structure my inspiration
  • double down on the blogs, mine, Anais’s…