Caption Cartoon Contest #102

New Yorker Caption Cartoon Contest #102
“He figured out how to throw it himself, and we then we didn’t need humans anymore.”

“He’s dyslexic. He’ll throw it, but then he doesn’t know what to do.”

“I never thought I’d lose interest in fetch, but it’s just not the same when one of us throws it.”

“That boy of ours is going to be on top one day, dear. While all the other pups are fetching, he’s practicing his throw.”

My Personality Profile

My Myers-Briggs profile goes: Extrovert, Intuitive, Feeling, Perceiving.

In my element

  • I focus on my vision of the big picture
  • Pursue new ideas optimistically
  • Identify future trends with uncanny ability

Out of my element, I’m depressed and withdrawn. Triggers are

  • Over-committed and tired
  • Attending to detail
  • Violation of values and principles

These things help

  • Meditation
  • Exercise, sleep, diet
  • Use thinking/feeling to lend perspective

Live At Beerland, Austin TX

We had a great time playing for the first time at Beerland, here in Austin. As we were setting up, trumpeter Oliver Steck appeared and played the set with us! Twas raucous. Here are four songs recorded straight into my iBook w/the built-in mic:

What The Day Had To Say
[audio:2007/5/What The Day Had To Say.mp3]
God Has Been Good To Me
[audio:2007/5/God Has Been Good To Me.mp3]
All The Above
[audio:2007/5/All The Above.mp3]

Snafu/J Poster

Around The Town Sounds – Review

Charlie Martin, longtime KOOP DJ of Around the Town Sounds, gave me some airplay and this great review a few months back:

Unique, original, very intelligent songwriting and singing graces this debut CD released in March 2005. It features backing from a group of veterans from such disparate backgrounds that the naturalness and cohesiveness of the CD’s alterna-lounge and latin-lite arrangements is remarkable.

Thank Charlie!