Live at Lambert's

j at lamberts

Fun set at a jumpin’ Lambert’s last Friday night. Here are two songs from the board mix that came out pretty well (and I don’t play live often). Derek Morris on keys.

Be My TV

Circus Tent


  1. God Has Been Good To Me
  2. All The Above
  3. Room 304
  4. For Your Lover
  5. Jesus (would slap the shit out of you)
  6. Be My TV
  7. Circus Tent
  8. Sleep
  9. Un Momento Perfecto
  10. 10. Walkin’ With You

j and derek at lamberts

J Plays Lambert's This Friday

I’m playing solo for 30-40mins at 10PM this Friday June 5th at Lambert’s, which is downtown at 2nd and Guadalupe (Google map). Following me are two wonderful bands, Slowtrain and The Unfortunate Heads. I’ve been wanting to play on the great sound system (and sheik interior) at Lambert’s for a while and this is a great bill. Come on out!

Concert By Waller Creek on UT Campus

What a wonderful set and setting playing for my work and school friends on a lovely Spring day, today at lunch. I love how the birds sang along!


concert-by-waller-creek.mp3 (30mb) – 32:10

  1. God Has Been Good To Me
  2. Buncha Photos
  3. All The Above
  4. Sleep
  5. For Your Lover
  6. Sat Morn
  7. ‘Til Monday
  8. I’m A Hillbilly
  9. I Can See You
  10. Sunday Morn
  11. Un Momento Perfecto



Gutiar closeup sm

New Kind of Gig: Secret Stages

I stopped playing bars and coffee shops last year opting this year to devote my music time to the podcast and working on a better model for performing. I’d noticed secret little stages around town and around my neighborhood, along Blunn creek where I take my dog Townes for a walk most days. So as the coolness of the spring dissipated, while the creek was flowing, I invited people on a tour of my favorite natural amphitheaters, playing a few songs acoustically at each spot. Knowing I wanted to be able to share the experience with all my friends around the country and world, I got some footage of it, along with DJ Bigface’s fantastic photographs!

You can hear the creek flowing right in front of me.