Air Traffic Control

German Dance mix
Ambient mix

I stopped in the joint
I ordered a pint
I stood on the stairs
Afraid of affairs

I drank as she danced
I looked for my chance
She’s in exctacy
But she won’t look at me

Da da da…

Threw a match to the floor
Burns a moment no more
Like the match in my head
When we’re burning in bed

Da da da…

I’m reaching for rope
That’s made out of smoke
All the times I’ve looked at her
Problem is I’m never sure
Problem is I never know
Just get on my feet and go

Da da da…

Air traffic control

Story: Derek Morris and I wrote and recorded this one together at The Still with T-bone.

500 Miles Ahead, 1000 Miles Behind

500 Miles Ahead, 1000 Miles Behind.mp3

well, we just crossed the mississippi, she had overflowed her banks
took ourselves a rest stop, filled up the gastanks
pullin out of memphis past elvis’s sacred shrine
500 miles ahead, 1000 miles behind

now al’s been doing the drivin, but the sun’s making his eyes burn
he says he needs some ice and for me to take my turn
clock says seven eastern, but now we’re in central time
500 miles ahead, 1000 miles behind

we’re drivin down to texas to right outside san antone
trying to make a wedding by saturday morn
started out in d.c., spent the night in north caroline
500 miles ahead, 1000 miles behind

now we’re stoppin at the best western, to washup and to eat
when you’ve been sittin all day there’s nothing as nice as just to stand upon your feet
there are many types of weariness, highway has it’s own kind
500 miles ahead, 1000 miles behind

i saw twenty tractor trailers huddled under the bright black sky
i met this man who got his goat to kiss him as he swelled up with pride
there’s no way to imagine what each traveler will find
500 miles ahead, 1000 miles behind

we measure out our progress, by the big cityies on the map
keep our speed pretty high and watchout for speedtraps
we’re on an unnamed stretch of road, waiting for a sign
500 miles ahead, 1000 miles behind

now i think we’re being followed through these endless fields
i’ve seen a redwinged blackbird at the top of the windshield
with a bit of grace above you you make pretty good time
500 miles ahead, 1000 miles behind


to Jono for his wedding day

I woke up and I laughed
At the image of you and Ashley mopeding past
Your mother saying “Oh my, Jono, you’re going too fast”
As you gave it the gas
I’m thinkin’ “At last”

You know I gotta sing
About the beauty of the two of you in nothing but your wedding ring
The new beginning of your everlasting fling
In your godly bling
Doing your thing

I spoke up in the church
It didn’t hurt that I had the very best verse
I remembered to take my time with every word
Truth be terse
Love don’t hurt

Let this one be my toast
After already turning in my best man’s roast
Chris’s friars were a heavenly host
Cs’ those you love the most
Can tell you with a joke

Inside it’s so warm
You can feel the violence in the air but you know no harm
Cause you’re swept up day by day in your lover’s charms
Set the alarm
Stay unarmed

I hope you’re sleepin’ like a rock
I’m grinding away like an angry paralyzed clock
Talking away my day without waking up
Till she shakes me up
Out of my spacewalk

When I look up at the sky
And I can’t see a big beloved brotherly guy
With an animal pride I see a hurricane’s eye
Love and I
Relaxing seaside

Un Momento Perfecto

The saxophone sings on the sound of the sea
The wheelbarrow rest on the coconut tree
A lone child spins falling dizzy in the sand
Un momento perfecto, love here I am

A fisherman waves from a boat in the bay
The dad joins the kids on the beach where they play
They bury the small one to her head in the sand
Un momento perfecto as you take my hand

I can taste the sea water on my beard in the tea
When you lean to and kiss me on your lips the salt beads
An old fellow sleeps on his arms in the sand
Un momento perfecto, nothing so grand

We’ve traveled together ten years and eight days
Always loved each other despite some places we stayed
The sea’s our solution, this our spot in the sand
Un momento perfecto, completely unplanned

Now the days getting hot, everything’s slowing down
But our lunch is long over and soon we’ll stroll back to town
Un momento perfecto must come to an end
But we’ll trek on together till it comes round again


Sat Morn

Got some buddies there I see
the runner said to me
as me and Townes and Frids lounged in the sun
Twas a gorgeous Sat’day morn
cool breeze, warm sun
the day barely begun already runnin’ round

Townes chewin on a stick
Frida chewin’ on her leg
all rollin on our backs in our grassy gowns
Under the trees by the stream
across from where I’ve been
I can see the rut I’m in and how well worn
How I sit day after day
dreamin’ of places I’ll play
instead of finding ways to get it done

And Townes said Let’s jump in the pool and chase things
and Frida said Don’t mind me, I’ll sneak along behind
and I said Come on, move along, let’s go now
And home we flied

Takin advice from the dogs is a mugs game
Takin advice from the cats is fine
Take me some good advice for when you need relaxin
Take yourself a little time

Cause I know that Townes is right
a dog needs his exercise
but I feel like some catnip and following behind
Now they’re dozing on the porch
and I’m strumming a few chords
to get my head restored to the how and why

I know that I need a plan
that details who I am
defines the discipline to win the war
To forget about my worst
put out my best and bust
on to the scene like the first one to be born

And Townes says Please don’t be gone all the time
and Frida says I’ll wander off into the night
so I told them that I’ll stay and myself that I’ll play
and walk them everyday forevermore
walk them everyday

I Can See You

With a name like Maile how could you be anything but
An island child, laying by the water in the sun
Drinkin’ tea and reading magazines
Taking naps in your bikini
Hey mama what’s your name? You’re my one.

I can see you
I can see you
I can see you playing on the beach
I can see you
I can see you
I can see you comin up and kissin me

Yes there is something inside me you alone stir with your strut
I do a funny little dance cause I can’t contain my love
Walkin hand in hand, strange city streets
Takin’ pictures, loving who we meet
Sittin in a restaurant long after we are done and everyone’s gone

I can see you
I can see you
I can see you sittin there with me
I can see you
I can see you
I can see you lookin’ so sweet

Your eyes told me hold me
Your map told me unfold me
Your lips practice poetry
Your stars a certain symmetry

And so you called me Jabie, your singin twin, your bean-headed nut
Whistlin love songs for you all day, all night touching toes under the covers
Still remember when I saw you in the store
Still want you everyday a little more
You’re my constant question, my how, my why, my when, my what

I can see you
I can see you
I can see you standin there right next to me
I can see you
I can see you
I can see you marrying me

Gareth’s Gold

Gareth Dunlop
Gareth Dunlop

I spent my junior year at Trinity College in Dublin in 1993. Thanks to Facebook, I’ve been back in touch with several of my Dublin friends including Gareth Dunlop. Last week Gareth notified me:

Hey, Jason, I was recently clearing out some old cassettes and I stumbled across a 35 minute recording of you, a guitar, some songs on an old SONY Walkman professional from my flat in Dublin in 1993! It’s a great trip down memory lane.

I was so pleasantly surprised. And upon listening back I heard again many songs that I had since lost. What gold! Thank you so much Gareth!!!

Here is the mp3 Gareth recorded at his flat on Capel St., Dublin, when I was 21.

  1. Waiting for Water to Boil
  2. Billy, Tonight
  3. Black and White
  4. Might As Well Stay
  5. To the One
  6. Lady Across the Way
  7. Mr. Mystery
  8. Without Love
  9. I Believe
  10. World Without End
  11. River Run
  12. By Name
  13. Sunday Morn (alt. version)
  14. Ray’s Song

I didn’t take my guitar to Ireland, because it had been taking too much time away from my studies. But instead of weekly test and papers, Trinity had only lectures and one paper at the end of the semester. Well, I lived alone, and within a few weeks I’d bought a used classical guitar and was spending more time than ever writing songs.

I sang in the Anglican choir, and hung out with some great folks I met through church. There was a particularly youthful pastor everyone called Stocki who always combined his love for the bible with attention to spiritual songwriting like that of U2. He hosted many young musicians every change he got and gave me a venue for sharing my songs.