to Jono for his wedding day

I woke up and I laughed
At the image of you and Ashley mopeding past
Your mother saying “Oh my, Jono, you’re going too fast”
As you gave it the gas
I’m thinkin’ “At last”

You know I gotta sing
About the beauty of the two of you in nothing but your wedding ring
The new beginning of your everlasting fling
In your godly bling
Doing your thing

I spoke up in the church
It didn’t hurt that I had the very best verse
I remembered to take my time with every word
Truth be terse
Love don’t hurt

Let this one be my toast
After already turning in my best man’s roast
Chris’s friars were a heavenly host
Cs’ those you love the most
Can tell you with a joke

Inside it’s so warm
You can feel the violence in the air but you know no harm
Cause you’re swept up day by day in your lover’s charms
Set the alarm
Stay unarmed

I hope you’re sleepin’ like a rock
I’m grinding away like an angry paralyzed clock
Talking away my day without waking up
Till she shakes me up
Out of my spacewalk

When I look up at the sky
And I can’t see a big beloved brotherly guy
With an animal pride I see a hurricane’s eye
Love and I
Relaxing seaside

Being Odd Has Been Good To Me

Stopped down by the coffee shop, med-books in my hand
Watched the Georgetown girls go by, met a homeless man
Talked about a state of grace, did calisthenics and prayed goodbye
More compelling than a soft pretty face is a crazy old rambling guy

When I was a little boy, I kicked a little ball
Back then the whole of life was to juke a guy and get a goal
I’m still confounding with my fun, nobody’s got a clue
I’m having a ball but I can’t find the goal and I’m not really sure what to do

But I’m very seriously amused
That the whole world is confused
At innocence reused and reused and reused
And I try to put it into words
And it might sound a little absurd
As I utilize every buzzword but use them cryptically
Being odd has been good to me

Rolled into the Hela spa, about half-past ten
Somewhere round a quarter past 11 a rich young lady walks in
She said I’ve got too much underarm hair, shoot me with your laser gun
Who woulda’ guessed being a doctor would be so easy and fun

Scootered over to the hospital, surfed the Web all night
Except for the guy who came in to the ICU with an umpsi doodle mongoose bite
Somethin bout a fight over Christmas ham with a spoiled snake
I swear you can’t make this stuff up but you can dream about the movie you’ll make

Walked up to the psych ward, clipboard and a pen
Asked all the standard questions and then the exam really began
Talked about God and shame, the devil’s sexuality
Told him God is good, take your meds, and the truth will set you free

Wrapped up in a pure white coat
Writing my own doctor’s note
Allowing myself to float
On down the stream that leads to Ashley
Talking with the nurse for a while
Slacker with a savior style
Milkin’ it mile after mile after mile
Being doc has been good to me

I need 20mg of prayer for this girl stat

Might even need a laying on of hands

Straight through every red light
Beepin’ to the guy that wants to fight
Magic tricks out on the street
Every corner is a meet and greet
Saying slowly what I have to say
Taking my sweet time to pray
Inventing new dances every day
Eating my curds and whey
Forgetting that I needed to pay
Charming my way away
Life is like a game of croquet
Weaving round on the highway
Contemplating modern decay
Working it into a screenplay
For when I move to LA someday
What can I really say, except
Being Jono has been good to me


God Has Been Good To Me

Stopped down by the riverside guitar in my hand
Watched the water drift by to promised land
Something amazing about this thing called grace
Something so compelling about that hidden face

When I was a little boy I never knew I knew
Everyday I got a little bit older I thought I knew what to do
But now I’m so much older and everything is strange
But my little boy heart keeps beating like noghting ever changed

And I’m thankful for it all
God has been good to me

Go down to the riverside, rich man see yourself
As the water drift by so one day will your wealth
But you can not take it with you to the promised land
Only way to drink that water is with an open hand

Go down to the riverside, mamma, stop your worryin’
A life without trust and courage is a life of sin
How you gonna swim to the otherside if you don’t get wet
How can you hit the jackpot if you don’t even place a bet

If you want to truly live you gotta get ready to die
If you wanna make it down below you gotta look so high
Not much I crazy whacked out world I can say is true
But work first for the Kingdom and all else will be added to you

jcast3: A Toast To Love



Jono and Ashley
Ashley Tries to Figure Out How to Ride Jono’s Scooter in Her Wedding Dress

To follow my roast from last week, here is “Toast,” a song I wrote as I woke up the morning after Jono and Ashley got married, chuckling at the image of them riding off, top speed, on Jono’s scooter, into the night and through a red light.

It was my honor to be a reader at their wedding. I read 1 Corinthian’s 13, the verse about “Love is patient, love is kind…the greatest of all is love.” My cover this week is one of my favorite songwriter’s take on what love is.

jcast2: Being Odd Has Been Good To Me


J sings at Jono's wedding reception
Playing at Jono’s wedding reception – Jono hiding behind his nephew

I’ve been playing a song my buddy Jono wrote, called “God Has Been Good To Me,” for a while now. So when he got married just before Christmas, we threw him a roast, and I wrote some alternate lyrics for the occasion. First you’ll hear my version of “God Has Been Good To Me,” then you’ll hear my roast/tribute to Jono called “Being Odd Has Been Good To Me.” I overdubbed a guitar solo with delay on the first; you can hear the dog whining and birds singing in the second.

I’ve started posting stuff from the roast, starting with Chris’s slideshow of Jono’s life in pictures at my personal blog,