Bright Eyes Shine

Maile asked me to write a song for Anais for Valentine’s Day this year and this is what I came up with, an ode to Anais’s powers of observation.

[soundcloud url=”″ width=”100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]

Be sure to watch till the end of the video, there’s a bit of bonus footage after the credits.

I’m 40!!!

I turned 40 last week on Wednesday. On Saturday my friends threw me a fantastic tribute of a party. Awesomeness:

  • Maile, Libby, Sam, Patrick and others conspired to make many super, secret touches
  • Patrick and Kelly flew in from Syracuse
  • Kat flew in from San Diego
  • Mom flew in from DC
  • 40′ slip n slide (with nonstop kid use)
  • retro jFro graphic, and on pins and coozies nonetheless!
  • tribute covers and requests featuring
    •  Derek’s cover of Mystical Experience #115
    • Lib’s singalong to What The Day Had To Say (and human music stand for I Have Arrived)
    • P’s poem (from jremix)
    • Jody’s cover of God Has Been Good To Me
    • Chris’s guitar and All Blues
    • Los on drums
    • Mo’s cover of For Your Lover and requested J or Jesus and Molecule
    • Tbone on fiddle
    • and Aiden on keys and maracas
  • Amy’s old pics of younger j, the Shiner crew, (not to mention the keg and assorted beer)
  • so many friends!!!
Here are a bunch of pics from Kat’s iPhone.

j slip n slide


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