I posted my first demo of this song  in early January just after I wrote it for New Year’s as an ode to finishing, taking care of business, getting things done. Now it’s December and I’ve got it ska’d up for the next album – MANTRAS – with drums, bass, and horns.

I’m thrilled to have collaborated with Grupo Fantasma and Brownout trombonist and horn arranger Mark “Speedy” Gonzales. He brought saxophonist Dan Bechdolt and trumpeter Kevin Flatt over to Tonehaus a few weeks after we recorded drum and bass with my main men Gray Parsons and Doug Snyder.


If you want a more in-depth look at where this song came from, check out the wonderful interview that Legs Magee posted, The Song Is Done: A Conversation with Jason Molin.


Earl made a cool experimental video from footage of my last concert in the creek, over an old unreleased instrumental version of I Can See You. (that features the keys). Love the colors, heart!


My boss Dave told me last week that a reporter from the Statesman had called inquiring about sources for an article on crowd-funding, and that he’d referred him to me. So I met Barry for an interview, and Deborah for a photoshoot later in the week, and this morning the article is on the frontpage of the business section of the paper: Crowdfunding is the new creative way to finance movies, CDs and more

Standing in Waller Creek - Photo by Deborah Cannon/AMERICAN-STATESMAN

I was quoted:

“It was the most valuable thing I’ve ever done as a musician,” Molin said. “It made me ask something of my fans. And before I could ask something of my fans, it made me figure out what my value proposition was. … What am I offering, and what are people getting in return?”

Molin, 38, said he realized he needed “to stop looking for new fans and trying to get new people interested; you’ve got 100 people who like you already. Make them happy.”

“This is really part of the whole do-it-yourself, social media promise, which is that you don’t need a record label any longer, you are not waiting to be discovered, you’re not waiting to get picked,” Molin said. “Reject the tyranny of ‘picked’ and pick yourself.”

That last bit about rejecting the tyranny of picked is straight up Seth Godin. Thanks Seth!