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to Jono for his wedding day

I woke up and I laughed
At the image of you and Ashley mopeding past
Your mother saying “Oh my, Jono, you’re going too fast”
As you gave it the gas
I’m thinkin’ “At last”

You know I gotta sing
About the beauty of the two of you in nothing but your wedding ring
The new beginning of your everlasting fling
In your godly bling
Doing your thing

I spoke up in the church
It didn’t hurt that I had the very best verse
I remembered to take my time with every word
Truth be terse
Love don’t hurt

Let this one be my toast
After already turning in my best man’s roast
Chris’s friars were a heavenly host
Cs’ those you love the most
Can tell you with a joke

Inside it’s so warm
You can feel the violence in the air but you know no harm
Cause you’re swept up day by day in your lover’s charms
Set the alarm
Stay unarmed

I hope you’re sleepin’ like a rock
I’m grinding away like an angry paralyzed clock
Talking away my day without waking up
Till she shakes me up
Out of my spacewalk

When I look up at the sky
And I can’t see a big beloved brotherly guy
With an animal pride I see a hurricane’s eye
Love and I
Relaxing seaside


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